The 4 Horsemen Of The Bad Breath Apocalypse

There are numerous causes for bad breath, ranging from the simple and somewhat easy to correct, to the more complex and difficult to treat. Identifying the correct cause(s) for your bad breath, will make you better equipped to treating your condition. In most cases, bacteria are the underlying culprit of halitosis. The tricky part is identifying the root cause for the bacteria (i.e. why it’s there) and understanding where the bacteria are located.


We’ve all said or heard it before… “I have garlic breath.” But it’s really more than just smelling like the food you just consumed. Some foods not only have a strong smell, such as garlic and onions, but they also release unpleasant odours when processed by the digest system. Other foods and drink leave an after-film that can lead to an offensive breath odour that isn’t necessarily a halitosis odour. This sort of bad breath is highly superficial and sorts itself out over time. It can also be corrected with a quick brushing, water, mints, gum or chewing parsley and mint.


Smoker’s breath is more complex than simply smelling like smoke. Smoking dries out the mouth, creating an environment that is hospitable to bad breath causing bacteria. Furthermore, tar, nicotine, chemicals and a variety of unpleasant particles lodge into the teeth, various nooks and crannies and soft oral tissues, resulting in an unpleasant smell. Obviously, the best cure for smoker’s breath is smoking cession, but if you struggle with quitting, there are a number of effective smoker’s breath products such as Smoker’s Breath Aid that improve the oral environment and freshen up breath.

When you smoke, it is important to practice rigorous oral hygiene. Be sure to brush twice daily and floss regularly. My professional recommendation would be to invest in a quality sonic toothbrush.

Dry Mouth

As mentioned before, dry mouth (also known at Xerostamia), a common side effect of ageing, various medications and cancer treatments, can lead to chronic bad breath. Saliva is an important part a healthy functioning mouth. It is essentially the first responder of the digestive system, initiating the efficient breakdown of food. Without appropriate amounts of saliva, food particles can linger in the mouth, releasing putrid odours, leading to offensive breath. If you suffer from dry mouth / xerostamia, consider a product such as Oramoist, which will help to keep the mouth moist and create a less bacteria-friendly environment. A Hydro Floss machine can also help to dislodge any food particles that are lodged between teeth, under the gums, or deep within the taste buds.

Biological Causes / Your Genes

Perhaps the trickiest root cause for halitosis is a number of inherited features that may increase the likelihood of bacteria in the mouth. Genetic sinus problems can lead to post nasal drip, which in turns results in bad-breath causing bio-film. There are also physiological influences that we inherit from our parents, such as larger-than-normal taste-buds and teeth with unusually deep crevices, both of which make excellent bacteria breeding grounds. These sort of biological factors require special attention and specialized devices such as Hydro Floss devices and sinus irrigation systems can really help to purge bacteria from their hiding places and prevent their adherence.


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